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Eastern Janitorial Services Green Earth Program
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Green Planet Program

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Facilities Managers

Our GreenEarth Program…ahead of the curve.

At EJS, our jump to “green” started well before it was widely popular. Since we have been in business so long, over time we came to realize that certain cleaners, systems and techniques went against the grain of the environment and natural safety.

We concluded that green cleaning should have a critical role in facilities maintenance, and recognized that healthy office environments are not only important, they also attract customers and tenants. With this recognition, we developed GreenEarth, a giant step forward in the green cleaning industry.

GreenEarth is a customizable green cleaning program using state of the art green chemicals and equipment. We have aligned with the 3M Corporation and use their certified green products exclusively in our facilities. Whether you are an expert on green cleaning, or are just beginning to recognize its importance, through GreenEarth, we will start you on any level of green service that suits your company and your budget.


New to green? Start with the basics…

To get started, we recommend a basic green cleaning program. We begin with a holistic diagnosis of your facility, and study each aspect of the facility’s systems and operations that relates to green solutions. We focus on entryways – trapping and removing dirt before it enters the building.

We concentrate on minimizing particles and chemicals in the air by mechanically capturing dust and dirt, and using techniques that minimize the spread of chemicals. Our employees are specially trained in chemical management, proper dilution, and waste minimization. We insist upon green vacuuming, extraction, rinsing and drying techniques, minimizing mold growth and moisture.

We are careful to prevent cross-contamination ensuring that pollutants don’t get carried from one area to another, and we are meticulous about proper, thorough green disinfection in restrooms. We are also careful to focus on touch-points to minimize bacterial hazards, and focus on preventative measures like handwashing, and clean equipment.


…and then some…

With GreenEarth, we can also include recycling programs and touchless water conservation programs. We can also recommend steps to decrease the spread of pollutants within your facility, to enhance indoor air quality, and in general, to prolong the life of your building and enhance the lives of its tenants.


GreenEarth Chemicals and Products

Our GreenEarth program begins with a switch to our Green Seal certified GS-37 cleaning products for general use, restrooms, washrooms, glass – and furniture polish and metal cleaners that exceed industry specifications. We use green-compliant hand soaps. And we use micro-fiber dust cloths band flat mops that outperform traditional dust and dirt collectors and can be reused to minimize waste. We also use the carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program vacuums, high-speed burnishers with active vacuum attachments that capture fine particles, and carpet extractors and automatic floor scrubbers that reduce water consumption.

We also use green paper products that meet the EPA GS-a and GS-9 standards for recycled content; products dispensed from large rolls to minimize waste; hands free paper towel dispensers to reduce cross-contamination and high capacity rolls that reduce waste.


Working towards LEED certification?

LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the finest reflections of your commitment to the environment and to modern standards of excellence. EJS partners with you every step of the way in working towards this goal. Whether you seek Silver, Gold or Platinum LEED status, we are here to help, employing green cleaning products, systems, and custom services that will help elevate your status and achieve your certification goals.


Advanced GreenEarth Considerations.

We can implement extra green programs for you, including:

  • Recycling including container rinsing
  • Green communications program that includes facility tenants in the process
  • Implement an indoor plant policy
  • Install touchless water conservation equipment and energy efficient HVAC systems.
  • PLUS – Other green service that transcend green cleaning, depending upon your level of need and commitment.